Next.js Cards App

When I learnt React, I decided to learn something more about it. Therefore, I started to learn Next.Js.

Next.js is based on React, Webpack and Babel. It allows us to start a project in a very simple way, since we do not have to configure anything and we only have to execute simple commands so that the project is ready.

Next.js App

In this mini-project (2 days), I tried to understand how data fetching and data transferring between pages in Next.js work. For this purpose, I created a local database that includes information about some characters. On the main page, I fetched the data from this local file, and I published the data on the cards. When you click to a card, you go automatically to another page and you can see all information about the character on this personal page.

GitHub Codes
If you want to see the codes, please click HERE!
If you want to see the simulation, please click HERE!