This was my first small project. At first I wanted to learn how to get data using any API. There are many APIs on the Internet. Something interesting and fascinating to me was necessary. But then I discovered Marvel's API. It would be great for my project.

Login Screen

Firstly, I created a login page to develop myself on the backend side. To do this, I followed this guide and changed some codes. On the backend side, I used:

In the Front End, I mostly used jQuery. Thanks to Bootstrap, I adjusted the design of the website and made it responsive.

Main Screen

Basically, with this application, you can search for the Marvel character you want. Just like Google. The only difference is that you can only find Marvel characters. If the character you are looking for is found, you have access to some information about him and comic books about him. All the information comes from Marvel's database. That's all:)

GitHub Codes
If you want to see the codes, please click HERE!
If you want to see the simulation, please click HERE!